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Aston Villa Latest was set up up by me, Mike, to share my passion for football news with Villa fans around the world.  I write stories on every game, as well as collecting stories from other news sites and posting them here.  With my huge fan network, including all my Villa boys and girls (including the sexy Aston Villa players in the photo!) I get news and tranfers insights before anyone else.  Please add your name to the newsletter box if you want to get the latest news when it happens.

The Villa Latest news site was launched in August 2010 and we are working hard to bring you the latest Villa News, as well as the latest transfer rumours and blog stories.

How you can help?

Please tell us what you think!  What do you think of the Aston Villa news site?  In particular, do you have any suggestions for improvements?  What else would make the site better for you?

Please provide your feedback below.  For every idea you get a FREE entry into the prize draw to win a pair of tickets to a Premier League game, along with £100 spending money.

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